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We are a team of dedicated professionals, and we firmly believe in providing sustainable tourism. We aim to provide new services with maximum perfection and consistency. We at Fresh Day Oslo always prioritize customers’ satisfaction and do our best to achieve it. No matter, what type of vacation you need, we have a variety of packages to fulfill your requirements. Our holiday packages not only provide local sight-seeing but also adventure tourism.

We respect discipline and ensure the fixed departure. We make your vacations interesting and unforgettable by adding the taste of spicy adventures. We offer services such as Adventure Travel Packages, and Fixed Departure Tours at reasonable prices.

Our team always makes sure to provide the best ever services to our clients. We continually are adopting new technologies to meet the ever-changing demands of the audience. Fresh Day Oslo is committed to providing quality services to our customers.

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The Oslo Pass is a must-have for anyone visiting the beautiful city of Oslo, as it provides unlimited access to the city’s top attractions and public transportation. With the Oslo Pass, you can explore popular landmarks like the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Viking Ship Museum, and the Holmenkollen Ski Jump without any additional costs. 

Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right Oslo Pass option based on your preferences and duration of stay, ensuring you get the most out of your visit to Oslo.

Hospitality Desk

We understand the importance of a warm welcome and personalized assistance when you arrive at your destination.

That’s why our Fresh Day Tour Agency provides a dedicated Hospitality Desk and Meet & Greet service for our valued customers. Our friendly and professional staff will be available at the airport or any designated location to greet you upon arrival. They will assist you with any queries, provide helpful information about your itinerary, and offer recommendations for local attractions, dining, and entertainment. Our goal is to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable start to your trip.


Transportation is a crucial aspect of any day tour experience, and at Fresh Day Tour Agency, we ensure that your travel is comfortable and convenient. We partner with trusted transportation providers to offer a range of options suitable for your needs. Whether you prefer private transfers, group tours, or public transportation, our team will assist you in making the right choice.

We provide clear information about the transportation arrangements, including pick-up and drop-off points, departure times, and any additional services available. Rest assured that we prioritize your safety and comfort throughout your journey.

Vouncher Agreement

Fresh Day Tour Agency understands the convenience and flexibility that vouchers offer to travelers.

We have established voucher agreements with various attractions, restaurants, and transportation providers to enhance your overall experience. With our voucher system, you can easily redeem pre-paid vouchers for admission tickets, meals, or transportation services. This eliminates the need for carrying cash and allows you to streamline your travel arrangements. Our team will provide detailed information about the voucher agreements and guide you on how to redeem them throughout your journey.

Tour & Guide

Scheduled Day Tours

Norsk Folkemuseum: Immerse yourself in Norwegian culture and history with our scheduled day tour to the Norsk Folkemuseum. This open-air museum showcases traditional Norwegian buildings, artifacts, and exhibitions that provide insight into the country’s rich heritage.

Fram Museum Oslo: Join our scheduled day tour to the Fram Museum Oslo and discover the fascinating world of polar exploration. Explore the famous Fram ship, learn about the heroic expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic regions, and gain a deeper understanding of Norway’s maritime history.

Frognerseteren: Enjoy the natural beauty of Oslo’s surrounding landscapes with our scheduled day tour to Frognerseteren. Located in the hills above the city, Frognerseteren offers breathtaking views, charming cafés, and the opportunity to experience Norwegian cuisine while enjoying the tranquil surroundings.

Private Day Tours

Viking Ship Museum: Embark on a private day tour to the Viking Ship Museum and delve into the Viking Age. Admire the remarkably preserved Viking longships, learn about their history and significance, and gain insights into the seafaring culture of the Vikings.

Holmenkollbakken: Experience the thrill of skiing and visit the iconic Holmenkollbakken ski jump on our private day tour. Marvel at the panoramic views of Oslo from the top of the ski jump, explore the museum dedicated to ski history, and even try your hand at skiing in the surrounding slopes.

The Royal Palace of Norway: Discover the elegance and grandeur of the Royal Palace of Norway on a private day tour. Walk through the magnificent halls, witness the changing of the guards, and learn about the monarchy’s role in Norwegian society while enjoying the splendor of this historic landmark.

Holiday Day Tours

Oslo Opera House: Celebrate the holiday season with a visit to the Oslo Opera House, a stunning architectural masterpiece. Enjoy a performance or take a guided tour to learn about the history and design of this cultural landmark.

Barcode Project: Experience the modern side of Oslo with a holiday day tour to the Barcode Project. Marvel at the contemporary architecture of this waterfront development, explore the trendy shops and restaurants, and take in the festive atmosphere during the holiday season.

Oslo Cathedral, Old Aker Church, Sagene Church, The Trinity Church: Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit by joining our day tour to visit Oslo’s historic churches. Experience the beautiful Christmas decorations, attend a traditional holiday service, and learn about the religious and cultural significance of these iconic landmarks.

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